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Michael S. Cole, M.D.

      It is my opinion that Pompeii is the most important archeological site anywhere. Almost every other ancient urban site is simply the remains of a ghost town, long ago deserted by its citizens who carried away with them everything of value. Prior to the eruption of Vesuvius, Pompeii was a thriving city. Then it was buried with so little warning in 79 A.D. that Pompeii was literally frozen in time.

Pompeian couple       If we want to know details about what life was like in a Roman city during the first century, I think by studying Pompeii we can get the very best perspective with the least speculation. We can understand how the privileged rich man and the ordinary slave lived from day to day in the Roman Empire during the time when Christianity was beginning to spread throughout the Mediterranean. A better understanding of life in Pompeii, a city with both Roman and Greek influence, can help us to better understand many of the writings of the New Testament.

      Thanks to the United States Navy, I was stationed near Pompeii in the mid-1980's. My wife Jeannie and I visited the ruins of that ancient city many times. Our first tour was conducted by Tony d'Ambrosio, then a professor of archeology at the University of Naples, later the director of excavation at Pompei. After studying everything I could find about Pompeii, I served as an amateur guide for many friends and relatives.

      The slide show and commentary provided here will give you a glimpse of what you would see and learn if I could personally escort you around the streets, villas, temples, theaters, baths, shops, and forum of Pompeii. As a bonus, I've also included photos of many items from the National Archeological Museum of Naples where most of the treasures of Pompeii are housed. If you're interested, you should check out some of the many books and Web sites from which you can learn lots more than I'll be sharing with you here.

      If you're planning to visit Pompeii, perhaps this virtual tour will help prepare you for what you will experience there. If you've already been to Pompeii, maybe you'll learn something new from my perspectives. If you're likely to never make it to see Pompeii for yourself, I truly hope your time spent at this Web site will educate, enlighten, and inspire you.

Michael Cole in Pompeii Forum - Oct 2007
Michael Cole in Pompei Foro on 5 October 2007.

      Map of Pompei:

map of Pompei

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  1. Map of Italy and Bay of Naples
  2. Naples Panorama
  3. Crater of Vesuvius
  4. Tourists on Vesuvius
  5. Vesuvius Erupting
  6. Vesuvius Lava
  7. Pompeii Center
  8. Mount Vesuvius
  9. Pompeii Street
  10. Vesuvius Erupts
  11. Pompeii Destroyed
  12. Wall of Pompeii
  13. Porta Marina
  14. Entering Pompeii
  15. Temple of Apollo
  16. Sundial
  17. Basilica
  18. Forum of Pompeii
  19. Forum Pavement
  20. Horse & Rider Monument
  21. Roman Statue
  22. Eumachia
  23. Forum Columns
  24. Building of Eumachia
  25. Pompeian Couple
  26. Temple of Vespasian
  27. Vespasian Altar
  28. Mosaic with Wreath
  29. Forum Suggestum
  30. Official Weights & Measurements
  31. Public Latrine
  32. Temple of Jupiter
  33. Temple of Jupiter
  34. Chariot Ruts
  35. Mosaic of the Large Fountain
  36. Tower of Mercury
  37. View from Tower of Mercury
  38. Forum Baths Layout
  39. Tepidarium
  40. Calidarium
  1. Big Hot Tub
  2. Venus
  3. Tavola Calda
  4. Beware of the Dog
  5. Public Fountain
  6. Bakery
  7. Bread Oven
  8. Bread Shop Fresco
  9. Tombs
  10. Human Cast
  11. Seated Human Cast
  12. Garden of the Fugitives
  13. Watchdog Cast
  14. Villa of the Mysteries
  15. Grand Fresco
  16. Grooming
  17. House of the Faun
  18. Mosaic of Alexander the Great
  19. Nile Mosaic
  20. Sea Creatures Mosaic
  21. Garden
  22. House of the Vettii
  23. Atrium
  24. Kitchen
  25. Garden
  26. Murals
  27. Mosaic Fountain
  28. Theaters
  29. Large Greek Theater
  30. Small Greek Theater
  31. Palaestra & Amphitheater
  32. Gladiator Helmets
  33. Amphitheater
  34. Silver
  35. Dice
  36. Blue Vase
  37. Sarcophagus
  38. Bronze Dancers
  39. Athena
  40. Atlas

Angelique and Steven in Pompei
Our children, Angelique (age 5) and Steven (age 3), in the Pompei Forum on 6 November 1984.

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