Ancestral Line
from COWAN Connections
© 1994, p. 381
by Michael S. Cole, M.D.

Richard FOWLE, the third of 9 children, was a child of his father's second wife. He was christened at Frittenden, County Kent, England, on 18 December 1569. He was a yeoman (i.e., farmer). From his father's will he received lands at Frittenden and Marden in County Kent. His first wife, whose name is unknown, died after the birth of their first child. Richard is listed in 1597 paying taxes to Queen Elizabeth I. He secondly married Mrs. Mary (-----) FILKES on 3 September 1601 at St. Margaret's church in Canterbury, County Kent. She was buried at Headcorn, County Kent, on 1 August 1627. Richard was buried at Headcorn on 2 March 1631/2. His will lists his four children: Richard FOWLE (b. 1602), Joane (FOWLE) BORDEN (1604-1688), Elizabeth (FOWLE) JOSEPH (b. 1608/9), and Jane (FOWLE) BABSON (b. 1612). [It is worth pointing out here that Richard FOWLE, son of Richard, was reported to have been baptized on 1 August 1601 in The New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 75, July 1921, p. 229, by G. Andrews Moriarty, Jr. This is an error which has been repeated in multiple genealogies. Regardless of the reputation of our reference, it is always wise, when possible, to examine the primary source, which in this case is the Parish Register of Frittenden, County Kent, 1563-1612. The year "1602" was entered within the list of baptisms and it is now evident that Richard's date of christening was 1 August 1602, as you can see in this photocopy.]

Thomas FOWLE, the oldest of 4 children, was born about 1540, probably at Frittenden, County Kent, England. He first married Elizabeth CARRE at Frittenden on 22 October 1564. His second wife Joane ----- was buried at Frittenden on 21 May 1570. He inherited lands from his father in 1572 in Frittenden and Marden, County Kent. In 1573 Thomas was churchwarden at Frittenden. His third wife was Margery -----, who was buried at Frittenden on 13 January 1584/5. Thomas was buried at Frittenden on 25 Aug 1592. Most of his lands in Marden and Frittenden were given to his son Richard. Thomas and his first wife had a son (1560's-1571/2). Thomas and Joane's children were: Joane (FOWLE) HALSWORTHE (1568-after 1632) and Richard FOWLE (1569-1631/2). The children by the third wife were: William FOWLE (b. 1571/2), Francis FOWLE (1572-c.1633), John FOWLE (1574/5-1580), Marion (FOWLE) PAYNE (1577-after 1633), Thomas FOWLE (1579-1628), and Clemence (FOWLE) FITCHE (1580/84-after 1633).

Richard FOWLE, the youngest of two children, was born in 1514 or 1515 following the death of his father, probably in Marden, County Kent, England. Richard is listed paying taxes to King Henry VIII and to his son King Edward VI. Richard's wife, whose name is unknown, apparently died before he did, not being mentioned in his will written in 1570. Richard lived in Frittenden, County Kent, and also owned land at Marden. He was buried at Frittenden on 5 May 1572. His children were: Thomas FOWLE (c.1540-1592), Alice FOWLE, Joane FOWLE, and a daughter (d. before 1570) who married a Mr.DONNER.

Thomas FOWLE, of Marden, County Kent, England, married Johane -----. They had a daughter Costaunce FOWLE (b. prob. c.1512). Thomas was buried at the cemetery of the church of St. Mighioll at Marden between 28 September and 7 November 1514. He stated in his will that his wife Johane was pregnant, and it is believed she later gave birth to Richard FOWLE (c.1515-1572).

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