The Genealogy of Samuel and Sarah (KEITH) COWAN
© 1994, Michael S. Cole, M.D.

Cowan Connections was privately published in 1994. This hard cover book about our COWAN genealogy has 433 pages and a full name index with over 11,000 entries. It originally sold for $50. Only 200 books were printed and no future printing is planned.


The book contains details of thousands of descendants of Samuel and Sarah COWAN. Their children were:

1.  William(?) (c.1801-1865, TN)
2.  Riley (1803-1887, AR)
3.  Samuel(?) (c.1806-1885, TN)
4.  Margaret (Mrs. Miles THOMAS) (c.1812-1884, TX)
5.  James Harvey (c.1816-1866, TX)
6.  Eli (c.1819-c.1900, AR)
7.  John Borden (c.1823-after 1898, AR)
8.  Stephen (1825-1907, OK)

Details of KEITH, BORDEN, FOWLE, WINTER, CROMWELL, BUTLER, and GROVER ancestors of Sarah (KEITH) COWAN are recorded in a narrative style.

The full database that was used to compile the book, plus additional related genealogical information collected after 1994, is now available for free download from our GEDCOM Download Page as ""

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  NOTE: In March 2003 DNA testing proved the direct male COWAN descendants of
William & Cynthia (MORGAN) COWAN are related to the
direct male COWAN descendants of Samuel & Sarah (KEITH) COWAN.
More extensive testing has more recently demonstrated that
this William could not be a son of Samuel & Sarah.

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