29 August - 5 September 2000

A travelogue of our vacation with 168 photos

Tue., 29 Aug 2000 -- travel to Greece
Wed., 30 Aug 2000 -- Athens, National Museum
Thu., 31 Aug 2000 -- Corinth, Mycenae, Epidaurus, Nauplion
Fri., 1 Sep 2000 -- Olympia
Sat., 2 Sep 2000 -- Patras, Delphi
Sun., 3 Sep 2000 -- Delphi, Athens
Mon., 4 Sep 2000 -- Athens, Plaka, Parthenon
Tue., 5 Sep 2000 -- travel home

It being the celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary, we were looking forward to this trip for a long time.

Michael's first visit to Athens was in March 1980, when he was returning with fellow senior medical student Dan Davidson, from a 6-week medical mission trip to Chimala Mission Hospital in Tanzania, East Africa. Seeing the Parthenon (the temple of the ancient Greek goddess Athena) on the Acropolis, as well as other ancient Greek and Roman ruins, Michael knew he would have to bring Jeannie to see these incredible sights someday.

Jeannie's opportunity to visit Greece came in April 1984. While our family was living in Italy, where Michael was serving as a family physician in the U.S. Navy, we attended a week-long Bible lectureship near Athens. With our two preschool children, we took several afternoon tours that were offered, which introduced us to many ancient sites.

At the conclusion of the seminar, the Dave and Debbie Shephard family kept us in their home. After they took us shopping at the Plaka in Athens, Jeannie was certain we would have to return one day. We both hoped to visit the National Archeological Museum someday. And the thought of seeing Greece without having to keep an eye on two little children was something worth dreaming about for 16 years.

Last year our daughter Angelique, with her husband Greg, spent the summer in Europe at Harding University at Florence, Italy. After hearing of their adventures, which began in Greece, we were reminded of our dream of returning to the birthplace of western civilization.

Our wonderful travel agent, Ruth Wood, did her usual superb job making all our reservations. Considering our interest in ancient Greek history and archeology, the planned 4-day, guided group tour by Chat Tours to visit classical sites seemed ideal.

Before the trip, Michael read Homer's Iliad and much of The Odyssey (which he completed before returning home). He carried in his Palm Pilot to Greece these 2 books and the first 26 chapters of Bulfinch's Mythology.

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