11 - 15 August 2005

A travelogue of our vacation with photos

Thur., 11 Aug 2005 -- travel to Europe
Fri., 12 Aug 2005 -- arrival in Prague
Sat., 13 Aug 2005 -- second day in Prague
Sun., 14 Aug 2005 -- third day in Prague
Mon., 15 Aug 2005 -- travel to Austria

To celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary we chose an overseas trip to places we had never visited before. Jeannie enjoys music history and Michael wanted to visit the Czech Republic.

The mother of Michael's paternal grandfather, Katerina Svoboda, was born in a village about 110 miles southeast of Prague, present capital of the Czech Republic. She immigrated to Nebraska with her parents in 1872. Michael's paternal grandfather's father, John Tuma (also Thuma), is believed to also have been born in the Czech Republic. He was living in Vienna immediately prior to immigrating to the United States in 1871.

Since both Prague and Vienna were major cities for classical music, they were of interest to Jeannie. We were delighted to find a 6-day tour of the two cities by Kompas Tours. We used American Airlines frequent flyer miles to obtain round-trip tickets. We got a bonus with an unexpected third city in a country we hadn't previously visited. More on that later.

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