11 August 2005

On Thursday, 11 August 2005, Robertta Moses drove us to the Fort Smith (Arkansas) airport about 9 a.m. While waiting for our plane to depart, we received a mobile phone call with the exciting news that our grandson, 9-month-old Corbin Moses, had just started crawling that morning.

Our flight for Dallas departed on time. We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Wendy's in the Dallas-Fort Worth airport. The connecting flight departed on time for JFK, where we had a 4-hour layover. Michael got his shoes shined before we ate supper at TGI Friday's.

Our American Airlines flight departed for Zurich, Switzerland, at 9 p.m. We ate a portion of the meal served shortly after take-off, then each took Lunesta 2mg, a sleeping pill.

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