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Food Stamps

To the Editor:
    "They are at it again," jumping to conclusions without knowing all the facts.
    There seems to be some people who worry about the food stamp program.
    I'm sure, those who receive the stamps are in the minority. Here in Boone County there are a large number of people working and making good salaries. They would not need stamps to rely on for their necessities.
    Some men, who are not skilled, probably can't get a job. Machinery has taken over the element of manpower to a great extent. It is all right to say what men could do, who do not have a job, to work in cemeteries. Those have caretakers who do not need help. We see men working in yards and doing odd jobs, which is no disgrace.
    Back to the stamp program. There are abusers in all programs. Politics has entered in many worthy ones, which should have not happened.
    Many programs are useless and spend too much of the taxpayer's money. Creating jobs, for instance; "wondering why a chicken crosses the road."
    Too much is spent for overhead. When President Roosevelt made jobs available in the depression years, he did not put ten men over one man working. If folks who oppose worthy programs could think of a better way to operate them, make a suggestion to the government, and if it is accepted, that would solve the problem. Or would it? For there still would be criticism. Congress makes laws and the President has the authority to veto them if he chooses.
    I would be much better if we concentrated on how or ways and means to stop this stealing, which is getting out of hand while folks are squabbling over this and that and tuther.

Mellie Smith
February 26, 1976

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