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Spring Ahead

    January, you were a cold month, weatherwise. Usually here in the Ozarks, it will be cold for two or three days, then moderate a bit.
    A long time ago we didn't have weather stations to tell us about the weather but I know the winters were cold, for I lived through them. Many days on the farm we would have to cut the ice so the cattle could drink. The ponds were frozen so hard we could skate on them.
    There was a lane near us and the snow would drift, completely covering the rail fence. We were isolated for no wagon could get through until warmer weather.
    I well remember walking a mile and a half to school, through all kinds of weather. The teacher would have a warm fire going in the big old stove and soon we would be warm again. Sometimes the weather would be so cold our school benches would be put in a circle around the stove and we would have our lessons there. It's nice for the children now, having a warm bus to ride to school ... and a warm school to go to.
    We are now into February and harbingers of spring are becoming evident. There are seed catalogs in the mail and we see displays of seeds in the stores. Soon the crocus and the jonquils will be showing through the ground.
    Just anticipating spring is a happy feeling, for spring is such a happy time, a season of hope and new life. Did you know that February has five Sundays this year? That is very unusual. This is leap year, too, with 29 days in the month. Perhaps you know the little verse, "Leap year comes once in four and gives February one day more."
    One big day in February is Valentine's Day and I want to send special greetings to all the readers of our Over the Ozarks column. I hope you have a happy Valentine's day and a happy month!

Mellie Smith
February 1976

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