Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
Copyright © 2003, Michael S. Cole, M.D.

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March Memories

    March came in like a lamb and will go out like a lion, or so the old saying goes.
    An early spring seems to be with us for sure--plum trees are blooming, along with many flowers. I especially love the old-fashioned flowers and have many of them, like bridal wreath, lilac, japonica, hyacinths and jonquils.
    After many years, the jonquils and japonicas are once again coming up at my grandmother's old place. I don't know why it makes me so sad to visit her old homeplace, but nostalgia fills my heart as I pass by every few days. Sometimes tears fill my eyes as I recall the happy times that are no more.
    It is said one shouldn't live in the past, but when most of our years are behind us and we don't know what the future holds, remembering the old days helps us cope with the problems that beset us today.
    There was peace and much happiness in those long ago days. Nobody seemed in a hurry and there was time to help your neighbor.
    I have many happy memories of my growing up years. I especially remember a cousin who grew up with me. She lived nearby and we were like sisters. We both loved dolls and played with them for hours on end. I had eight of them and she had about that many, too. When we got to the place in life where we felt we were too old to play with our dolls, we would meet in the pasture, bringing our dolls along, and sew clothes for them.
    I still love dolls and have quite a collection of them, some of them antiques. I also make rag dolls, which is a pleasant pastime.
    I also think of my playhouse. Papa made a rock wall around it and I had pieces of broken dishes and all sorts of things. Papa also made me some little pans out of tin for my play kitchen.
    I can, and often do, visit the place I had my playhouse; I sit down and remember so many, many things. Those early days will always be thrilling memories.
    May peace and happiness be with you all as we look forward to Easter and welcome our Ozarks springtime.

Mellie Smith
March 12, 1976

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