Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Sounds of Yesteryear

    I was thinking today of the sounds I used to hear back on the farm, sounds I don't hear anymore.
    There was the sound of hens cackling and roosters crowing; of pigs squealing, cows mooing and the donkey braying.
    It seems I don't hear frogs croaking anymore and even the birds don't sing the way they used to. I remember one boy who went past our place to his work, yodeling. It was such a happy sound to hear.
    I no longer hear the "clomp, clomp" of the horses pulling a wagon on hard ground or the old freight train pulling up a grade, puffing and stalling, then whistling at the crossing.
    My earliest memories of Christmas are sounds--the sleigh bells ringing and church bells tolling. The sound of laughter, too, made our Christmas happy. I don't hear folks laugh as much as they did in the old days. Too many problems to face in these modern times, I guess.
    We need peace and joy in our hearts as this Christmas approaches. I know progress is good, but I can't keep up with it.
    The sounds I hear now, cars honking and planes going over, radios, televisions blaring, only jangle my nerves.
    This Christmas season, let's think of what it means and be thankful for it. If you meet people who don't have a smile, give them one. Your day will be much happier for the giving.
    Merry Christmas to everyone!

Mellie Smith
December 18, 1975

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