4 July 1986

Dear Mom & Dad,

You have probably forgotten how to read my handwriting. I have several things to tell. I hope I think of them all.

Today I am covering the Emergency Room. It has been pretty busy. I only have to do this 4 more times. This is my last 24-hour duty in Naples.

Actually, today has been easier than the last three days. I worked in the clinic only Monday this week.

Tuesday I was off to prepare for the movers. I was up at 7 AM and working before breakfast. I got to bed at midnight that day. I only sat down for meals.

We spent the past few weeks getting ready, but there were so many things to do the day before.

We were displeased with the moving company a week before they came because we sat at home all day waiting for their pre-inspection that was supposed to occur between 8 and 5. They finally showed up at 7:20 pm.

On Wednesday (two days ago) they started packing up our stuff. There were 3 packers, one spoke English. They were a bit more sloppy than we like. They arrived late (9:15), took 1 1/2 hrs. for lunch, and left early (4:15).

On Thursday (yesterday), one of the customs inspectors came by at just the right time. We asked several questions about whether he thought they were packing things right. When he agreed with us that a few things were not done properly, we all argued with the packers awhile. Even the person who runs the company came by. We argued a little more. Finally, I got tired of talking & ripped the packing material off one of the wall unit pieces. They finally got the message that I was displeased with the way they were packing things. The company sent the English-speaking packer to another house and gave us one who was more cooperative. They rewrapped EVERYTHING that we said we didn't like from the day before. Most of the wall unit pieces were redone. Two of the crates on the truck were pried open & even pieces already packed for shipment were done over. We were much more pleased with yesterday's work than the day before. Still, I think the packers in the States did a much better job.

After lunch yesterday they came back with about a dozen people & were finished by 4:15. We ended up with 7 1/2 big crates full. We only had 4 or 5 when we came over here.

Wednesday night we ate supper at the Baumgartners. (They live in the Cummings' house.) Last night we went to a nearby restaurant.

I kept out the computer monitor and one of the VCR's so we can watch video tapes. There is so little to do in such an almost empty house. We have the Navy's loaner furniture.

We sold the stove, dryer, & refrigerator. We still have the wardrobes, the kerosene heaters, 2 rugs & the cars for sale.

I decided to sell the Fiesta here if I can. Otherwise, I will ship it back.

Jeannie is flying to Little Rock about noon on 23 July.

We are strongly considering living in Raleigh on the north side of Memphis. Four of the family physicians at Millington live there. There is a Harding Academy Elementary School there that we would like to send Angelique to.

We have opened a checking account at Tennessee Bank & Trust in Millington. If boxes arrive that look like checks, please send them to Diane in Little Rock. Jeannie will need them shortly after she arrives. She has to pay taxes on the car, for example.

I talked to Angelique on the phone tonight. She was eating an ice cream cone at Carney Park today and lost her front tooth. She thinks she must have swallowed it.

Did you notice my article in The Arkansas Family Historian? I have gotten several letters about it, all via you.

This sure is a slow way to write a letter. I miss my computer already. I especially liked being able to send a letter to Becky or the Sigles without rewriting the same stuff.

I am flying into Memphis on 6 August. I have no idea now when I will get to Harrison. I do not know when Harding Academy starts school. I will let you know as soon as I can.

I will send a package to Harrison within the next 2 weeks. It has several sets of slides that I didn't want to lose. You can have the set on Florence. You are welcome to look at the others. Just please take good care of them.

Take care. I will see you in August.

Love you lots,


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