19 June 86

Dear Mom & Dad,

Thanks for the money. I think I'll buy a Greek gauze dress with it - that is, if the Greek shop ever gets any more in.

Tomorrow is my birthday. If Michael or the kids have anything planned, they are being mighty quiet about it. Diane & Freda both sent a package. Michael hasn't let me open them yet.

The kids and I will be flying back 22 July. We will get into Little Rock on the 23rd. I don't know what time yet. I suppose in the afternoon. I'll know next week. Michael will come 2 weeks later. I'll need to go to Memphis one or two days to look for a house and find out what school we want to put Angelique in.

Is there any way you can get information about Harding Academy in Memphis? I don't know how much you can find out from there in Searcy. Specifically, I'd like to know where it is located. Do they have school bus service to the Raleigh area? How expensive is it for a 2nd grader? Do they have a preschool for Steven? I imagine it will be too far away from us to be practical, but I want to check it out for sure.

I made over $200 on a garage sale last Saturday. The kids' old toys sold very well. We sent $50 to each of their savings accounts in Harrison. We still have a few carpets, kerosene heaters, stove, wardrobes, dryer, and our Fiat to sell. They shouldn't be too hard to sell.

I'm getting tired of cleaning out drawers and areas. As soon as our things are packed out, I'm ready to take it easy for a while.

The kids have been rather cranky with each other since school has been out. I don't know if they are totally bored or just haven't figured out what to do with themselves. Probably both. I've been too busy to do much with them. They may be a little nervous about all this moving business.

Angelique & Steven got nice letters from Laura. Angelique is writing Laura back.

I was sorry to hear about your ankle. You'd better be careful.

Yes, Daddy's fish is a nutcracker. It came from Lucerne, Switzerland.

I've gotta get this in the mail.

See you in about a month!



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