7 July 86

Dear Diane,

This is just a short note to let you know we will be arriving in Little Rock 23 July at 12:03 pm on TWA Flight 489 from St. Louis.

We will leave here about 6:00 pm, Tues., 22 July, and will have a layover in Rota, Spain, at another Naval Base there. Then we'll fly over the Atlantic overnight, arriving in Philadelphia at 6:00 AM Wed. morning. At 8:50 AM or so, we catch TWA to St. Louis, lay over an hour, then on to Little Rock. At least, that is what I understand. Michael will pick up our tickets next week. So, unless you hear from us otherwise, we will be to Little Rock around noon on Wednesday, 23 July.

We celebrated the 4th at Festa Americana again this year. The kids & I went on the 4th for 5 hours while Michael worked at the hospital. Then we went back again Saturday for a couple of hours with Michael.

The movers packed us out on 2 & 3 July. Overall I think it went OK. It is hard to let someone else handle my irreplaceable European collections.

There is a good chance Angelique can attend Harding Academy in Memphis. They have two academies in the Raleigh area of Memphis which is just south of Millington and where most of the officers live. Michael called and talked to them today. It sounded like they had room for one more 2nd grader. I'll have to take Angelique over soon after we get back to have her tested before I can register her. Tuition is $185 a month! That's a small fortune. How does that compare with Anthony's? Anything would beat Memphis Public Schools, I think. They have a pretty rough reputation, don't they?

Angelique lost her first tooth 4 July at Festa. She was eating an ice cream cone and didn't even notice losing it. I suppose she swallowed it along with the nuts or cone. She is quite excited. It is one of her lower front teeth. The other one is loose.

How are the girls? My kids are ready to see their favorite and newest cousins!

See ya soon!



Can one of you guys call Ross Wright Chrysler Plymouth (375-0288) in NLR about a week before I get there to check if our car will be ready? I'd like to pick it up Thursday, 24 July. Can you find out what time they open? I want them to know that I will be picking it up, not Michael. I have a power of attorney. I need to register it that day. I already have insurance on it. Ask them if there is anything else I'll need to do to get the car that day. If they say it won't be ready (it should be ready) or there is some major problem, can you give us a call and we will try to work through our dealer representative here to get it straightened out before we get there?

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