Monday, 16 June 1986

Dear Mom and Dad,

I barely have time to write. We have been so busy lately. This will probably be my last letter to you using the computer.

Our things are being packed and moved out on 2 and 3 July. The date seems to be quickly approaching. Jeannie and I are nearly exhausted from all the work of getting ready to move.

We had a yard sale on Saturday. We sold about half of the kids' toys. The Italians bought nearly everything in the first hour. We still have the kerosene heaters and two carpets to sell yet. Also, I have 6 sheets of plywood. (I obviously brought too much wood with us from the States.)

The refrigerator and the swing set are spoken for by a neighbor. We have the stove and the dryer to sell.

The only thing for sale that is a concern is the Fiat. I certainly want to get it sold before we leave. I am asking $3000 for it, but would take $2500.

We have spent hours and hours cleaning out cabinets and boxes and throwing away unneeded or worthless stuff. I am not sure how people collect such junk. Perhaps we need to move every few years so we can have a good house cleaning.

I had to work yesterday. I only got about 4 hours of sleep last night. I planned to sleep this afternoon, but the landlord is laying tile in the garage and all around the house. There was too much commotion to sleep.

The kids are letting us convert their piggy bank money into cash and send it to you for deposit in their savings accounts. Much of the money is from the sale of their toys on Saturday. Please deposit $100 in the account of each child. Thank you. Also, please write and tell the kids what happened to their money.

McDonald's is finally open. A Big Mac is $2.20. Is that much higher than in the States?

Your letter and Jeannie's present arrived in the mail today. I will keep her out of the gift until her birthday.

The weather has been really pleasant here lately. Unfortunately, it has not yet gotten hot enough to go to the pool or beach. The kids are dying to go. They will probably not take swimming lessons this summer. They offered Steven's class only at 8 AM. Jeannie knows from experience that the crater is too chilly that early in the morning for a child to enjoy the water. She even complained to the director who made the schedule. Anyway, there is no way we are going to try to take Steven into such cold water before the sun comes over the crater. Probably few other kids will be there either. Also, there is just not enough time to get everything done before we leave.

Jeannie and the kids are returning a couple of weeks before I do. She will go to Memphis and try to find us a place to live. Also, she will be able to figure out where Angelique will go to school. It is unlikely she will drive to Harrison before I get back, but you are welcome to go to Searcy to see them. This will permit me a few extra days in Harrison after I return.

The gloves are supposed to be tight. I only now thought that it may be frustrating to have a present that can't be used until winter. I bought myself a pair just like them, only smaller.

We had tapes at our house last Sunday night. Ron Winfree is here for two weeks. (He was the missionary who left a year ago.) We had him over to the house on Thursday night. Also, he was here for men's Bible study on Friday night. We were supposed to have the study at someone else's house but they weren't home. So everyone came over here. Later the guy showed up here. We had six men. We just finished Romans.

In spite of your "encouraging words," I still have a terrible attitude. I am close to getting ugly with a few people. There is no excuse that they cannot give me a firm date this close to when I am leaving.

At least Jeannie knows when she is leaving.

The slides I took at Pompeii a few weeks ago really turned out super. It was a beautiful day. I even got a picture of Capri taken from Pompeii. I hope to show the slides to church classes and civic group meetings. I have studied Roman history and everyday life to the point that I can give a tour of Pompeii that aids in a greater understanding of certain Bible passages.

There are probably several other things I will think of to tell you tomorrow after I mail the letter. But right now I am about to fall asleep. So, take care. I will write again. It will not likely be with the computer.


Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, and Steven

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