12 May 1986

Dear Marilyn, John, Mark, & Matthew,

This is meant to be a quick note to say that we still think of you.

We will be moving to Memphis (Millington, actually) in mid-summer. Of course, we are going with mixed emotions. It will be nice to get away from the inefficiencies of working in Naples.

The new pediatric nurse practitioner is very timid. She is a just the opposite of our former nurse practioner, Robert Donofrio. The nurse who replaced you is good, but doesn't have enough power.

All three P.A.'s are leaving soon. We will especially miss Wade and Libby Marion. They are moving to North Carolina. There are two new doctors coming from Jacksonville to replace Neil Ragan and me.

Surprisingly, the new clinic is coming along. It may even be finished before I leave. However, there is no furniture for it. We are still wondering how that happened. (McDonald's still isn't finished yet.)

Tell Mike Kirkpatrick that I said, "Hello" (or "ciao"). How does he like the Navy? Personally, I cannot wait till I am in private practice in Arkansas.

I hope you are enjoying your job. Whatever you are doing, I am sure you are making an impression. The community really misses you and your assistance with crying babies and such. I miss you reminding me when it is time to get a haircut.

We close the clinic at 6 PM now. This is so much better than 8 PM. Still, we would prefer closing at 5. The health fair this year was a flop. Too few people showed up.

We just got back last week from a trip to visit college friends in Holland. The tulips were really pretty. We stopped in Switzerland on the way back and took Angelique and Steven to the top of a mountain to play in the snow.

We hope our paths cross again some day. In the meantime, God bless you.


Michael and Jeannie Cole

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