29 May 1986
Thursday Morning

Dear Diane,

This may be a very short letter.

Remember the McDonald's party I mentioned in my last letter for Angelique in Searcy? Forget that. It looks like we won't be leaving here until 5 August. It is a complicated story, but the Navy is still not able to give us a definite date. That is only a week later than we previously thought.

Our furniture will be shipped out of here 2 & 3 July. We will stay in this house until 31 July with Navy loaner furniture. Then we'll go into one of the hotels across from the base until 5 August.

We will fly in to Little Rock on the 6th probably during the afternoon. Can we spend the night that night at your house and then pick up our new car the next day? I know how life is in a house with a new baby. If we would be an inconvenience, we can go on to Searcy.

We are not sure when schools start in Memphis. Michael is taking 3 weeks leave when we get back. I'm afraid schools will start before that time is up. Anyway, we've got to spend time in Searcy & Harrison when we get back. Plus if there is time, we'd like to drive to San Antonio, TX, to see John and Fay Sigle for a few days. There may not be time for that.

I'm sure there is more I need to tell you, but I've got to get this in the mail. Just wanted to let you know the change of date. I'll let you know as soon as I can if that date changes again.



Greek cultural presentation - May 1986
Angelique's Brownie troup learning about Greek culture and dress

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