NAVHOSP Naples, Italy
Box 54 Pinetamare
FPO NY 09521-0701
9 May 1986

Dear Dr. Larson,

Thank you so much for writing. We are eagerly awaiting our return to the States after three years in Italy.

My wife, Jeannie, and I have two children. Steven is 4 and Angelique is 6. Angelique will be in the second grade.

I went to medical school in Little Rock, Arkansas. I completed my residency in Family Practice at AHEC - Fort Smith (AR) in 1983. Jeannie and I are both from Arkansas and are happy to be returning close to home.

Pinetamare Clinic is a very busy branch clinic. I also stand an on-board ER and OB watch every sixth night at the hospital in Naples. (I am thrilled that you have GMO's to cover the ER in Memphis.)

Please comment further about base housing. Is it possible that this would be available when I arrive in mid-August? Can you tell us about the school system?

Where will we stay immediately after arriving in Memphis?

If there is a welcome aboard packet available for NAVHOSP, Memphis, would you please send it?

Is there an address at the hospital or clinic that I could use temporarily during our relocation period until we get settled in Millington?

At this point I am uncertain about my exact rotation date. I intend to take two to three weeks leave before checking in at Millington. This will permit us to visit family and friends in Arkansas who we have not seen in years.

I look forward to meeting you. I am eager to begin work at the medical facilities in Millington.

Very sincerely,

Michael S. Cole, M.D.

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