Monday, 20 January 1986

Dear John and family,

It is a really pretty day here today. It is in the 60's. We have the house open. The kids are playing outside. It was quite cold over the weekend.

My sister called the other day. I couldn't believe that she talked so long. It wasn't until after we hung up that I realized it was in the middle of the night there. It was nice to talk to her. Now that she has a computer she has a lot to talk to me about. She couldn't get about half of the programs that I had sent to load. I enlightened her that she had to load ",8,1" for some programs.

We are really excited about your news that someone is coming to Naples who can teach and preach. You didn't tell us the names of these two. Do they have children? What will his job be here? I am sure that you will prepare him well for coming.

I believe that you said you bought a Fast Load cartridge. Just yesterday I discovered how to re-engage it after it has been disabled. On one line type:
POKE 770,106:POKE 771,223
then return. It will work after choosing the "Disable Fastload" option from the menu and after SYS 64738. Many programs like PFS.FILE dump out the Fast Load after you choose the "exit" option. This trick always brings it back. I am sending it to "RUN" magazine hoping they will pay $50 for it. "Compute!'s Gazette" does not pay for such information.

You didn't say how you fractured your clavicle.

Which modem are you buying? Why did you choose the one you did?

As I have said many times before, I want wide distribution for the Bible programs. I have no desire to make a profit on them. Certainly, place whatever you want on the BBS. I think it is a fantastic idea.

I have written to the Library of Congress to obtain copyright applications for these programs. While I do not care to make a profit, I am a little concerned about someone else making a profit from my work without my knowledge. Also, I can protect my interests and the church's interests from unauthorized changes in the programs. What are your thoughts on this? Do you support this? I would NOT want the copyright notice to appear in the programs on the BBS.

I hope you received the letters of recommendation for Faye.

We appreciate hearing that Ron and Rusty are doing okay. I'm surprised that Ron is preaching. It was also nice to hear about Brett and Nola. Andrea asked about them while I was taking her home on Saturday. Please keep us informed about the Ermans. We do not have an address for them.

Yes, send cassette tapes of sermons if you can.

It is strange how we didn't realize just how close we felt to your family until after you left. I certainly miss your presence in Bible class. I am less at ease. I have always enjoyed having someone in the class that will correct me if I'm wrong. These guys in the class now just soak up everything I say. I hope that I am making few mistakes.

If you want some computer programs, send diskettes. You have surely found how much cheaper they are in the States. But, don't send them blank. I need a list of everything you have, too.

We are hoping to see you in 1986. Right now I cannot tell you just how or when that will happen. We are going to take some leave as soon as we return to the States, but most of that time will surely be spent visiting friends and family that we haven't seen in three years.

May God continue to bless you richly. May you continue to serve Him fully.



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