20 January 1986

Dear Alisa,

I am not writing to Dan. I am not sure he is still alive. I can't remember even one time getting so much as a mark on a piece of paper from him since we have been here.

I so much appreciated your last two letters. I'm sure Jeannie will write soon.

I have struggled for over a week with what to say to our friend. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate being told about him. I hope he will wake up. He can be such an asset to the church. It is so unfortunate that he has let earthly riches lead his life instead of Jesus Christ.

Anyway, come see us in Memphis. We will not be leaving here until mid-July. We are quite disappointed that we have to stay three months beyond when we were supposed to leave.

By the way, DAN, if you had time to read this letter, then dictate a letter to me that your secretary can type!

We love you all. Angelique still tells people that Tim is her boyfriend. God bless you as you serve Him.

Love to all,


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