Sunday, 12 January 1986

Dear John, Faye, and boys,

I thought I would hear from you again before now. Perhaps our letters will cross in the mail.

There is a problem with mail delivery apparently. Friday we got a Christmas card postmarked 22 Dec.

Since you have found all the extra junk in the envelope I will tell about it first.

When we were in Germany at the retreat, we got hundreds of these calendars that everyone at church has been giving away. They were free.

I thought you might be interested in seeing what the baptistry in the church of San Vitale looks like. The church was built in the 6th century. I was surprised there was water in it. But it wasn't clean enough to use.

I put together a list of all the members at church. You may or may not want a copy of it. There sure looks like more on paper than there are at services on Sunday mornings.

The photocopy is from "Run" magazine. I thought you would like to see this trick for playing "Ghostbusters." If you can find the Rubbermaid container, that will hold diskettes, mentioned on the same page, I would sure like to have a couple of them.

We have a new couple at church who just arrived this week. They are Larry and Barbara Shamblin. He was baptized last May. She grew up in the church. We gave them a ride to church this morning.

Bob Jefferson has now presided at the Lord's Supper twice. Louie led singing this morning. I preached on the first third of my computer program "Christian Living." I am teaching class. We are covering Luke.

Vernon is gone for six weeks to the course in Germany. He forgot to arrange for someone else to have access to the church's bank account. I wrote to Herald of Truth for permission to reprint their Reader's Digest ad as a full page ad in the Panorama. Now that they said okay, we can't get to the money to buy the ad.

The last Sunday in December I had to stand duty in the Emergency Room. Vernon led singing, the Lord's Supper, and preached! Last week I told Bob, Louie, and Frank that by no means was I going to do everything while Vernon was gone. So they decided between themselves who would lead singing. Louie did a very good job. Frank is dying to get a chance to lead singing soon.

We thought that Dora would go to church with us today. She was at ladies' Bible class on Wednesday and sounded very receptive. We are sure she was turned off by one member's condemning attitude.

As Jeannie mentioned in her last letter, one couple is quite a challenge for us regarding just how to handle their interference. They are very devoted and dedicated to evangelism. However, the husband turns more people off to the church than you can imagine. I appreciate his willingness to share the gospel, but he does it without love and is so condescending that I am afraid he will never convert anyone. I have not said anything to him about this for fear of discouraging him from spreading the Word. His intentions are right, but his method stinks. Any ideas?

Jeannie and I are a bit depressed. I talked to my detailer a couple of days ago. He sounded like it was firm that I would not get to leave here until mid-July. With a PRD of April, I am terribly disappointed. I will finish my time in the service in April '87, which means that we will not get settled in Memphis before it will be time to move again. I guess we just put up with it like everyone else.

I have several new diskettes including "Hot Wheels." I will send you a list of everything new as soon as I can get the disks cleaned up. There are over 20.

Did you ever get the 5 diskettes I sent in November?

Did you all have a fun Christmas? It must be nice to be in the States after missing so many holidays with your family.

How is John's mother?

The clinic closes at 6 PM now so that I am always home for supper (except for every 6th night when I have duty). It is much better than it used to be. I only work till 6 about once a week. By having all the doctors in the clinic at once during the day I am able to come home for lunch occasionally.

Jeannie is still disgusted with the amount of homework that Angelique has. This weekend she came home with 40 pages! Jeannie is planning to go see the principal about it tomorrow. I am skeptical that it will make any difference.

Did Jeannie mention that security has really gotten tight on the base? It is so much trouble to get on base that no one goes unless they have to. There are plenty of parking spaces this way.

Angelique is behind me doing her homework. She has been doing it all weekend it seems. She said to tell you, "Thank you for the presents."

Is there anything that you did not get here that you now wish you had? If there is, please let us get it for you.

I will think of other things to tell you after I seal this letter. But now I have run out of anything worth mentioning.

We do cherish your friendship. We will forever be willing to help you in any way that you need. Just let us know.

Write soon.

In brotherly love,


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