Monday, 20 January 1986

Dear Mom and Dad,

Today is a holiday. It seems like an odd holiday. What are we suppose to be celebrating? I guess I am just celebrating being off.

Andrea, our babysitter, spent the night here on Friday. Jeannie and I made a brief appearance that night at a going away party for the nurse practitioner at Pinetamare.

On Saturday morning Jeannie and I left about 6 AM and drove to Rome. We spent the morning at the Vatican museums. We went two years ago with the kids and just rushed through it. We have wanted to go back and take our time. We saw practically everything this time.

We were very surprised to find that St. Peter's Basilica was closed. We didn't really intend to go inside anyway. I have no idea why it was closed. I didn't know that it ever closed.

We rescued the babysitter about 5 PM. We were in Rome for 5 hours and on the road there and back for 6 hours. We were very tired.

The missionary from Florence was here yesterday. He was supposed to come down on Friday for a meeting with the Italian congregration. He was sick and didn't make it till Saturday. We did not know that he was coming. He came into my Sunday school class near the end and had a seat. I did not know who it was until after class. We met him in September 1983 when we were in Florence the first time.

Larry and Barbara Shamblin are a new couple at church. They have been in Naples less than two weeks. We picked them up at their hotel for church. They went with us to Bagnoli Joe's. They came to tapes with Melba Weathers.

We had tapes at our house last night. I drove to Naples to pick up J. Young, the missionary from Florence. It was really nice to have him visit with us during tapes. He was a big encouragement to all of us. He also informed us that the Italian congregation is doing fine. Everyone stayed till 8:30. Tapes are usually over by 7:00.

James Young is a cousin to Jonis(sp?) Hearn.

It is a really pretty day here today. It is in the 60's. We have the house open. The kids are playing outside. It was quite cold over the weekend.

We recently learned that it would be mid-July before we get to leave here. We are somewhat disappointed and a bit depressed about this. We were hoping we could be in the States when Diane has her baby in April.

Becky called the other day. I couldn't believe that she talked so long. It wasn't until after we hung up that I realized it was in the middle of the night there. It was nice to talk to her. Now that she has a computer she has something to talk to me about.

How is George?

We got a letter from John Sigle telling us that a couple from church in San Antonio are moving to Naples with the Navy in September. He sounded like they were very strong Christians. We are excited that someone with some experience teaching and preaching is coming shortly after we leave.

Vernon Weathers is leaving around October, I think.

One of the two Italian elders preaches for the Italian congregation.

I am glad you got your cuckoo clock. I figured that you would be asking me next to go to Switzerland and check on it.

Since you didn't get a satellite dish, it is time you bought a computer.

We hung your welcome sign above the doorbell by the front door. I did not realize that you made it. Did you buy the letters and geese?

Be sure Sam Alexander knows that we appreciate the carved duck.

Is Devoe making any money racing cars? I think I will stick with my computer. It is safer (unless the FBI comes and carries me away).

Angelique came home with 45 pages of homework to do Friday before last. Jeannie drove her to school on Monday to talk to her teacher. It didn't do any good though. One thing is for sure, Angelique should find the rest of grade school a breeze.

I certainly appreciated the typewriter/printer ribbons. I hope they get them in stock here before I need them again. The kids are enjoying the balloons a lot.

I have Uncle Charlie's address now. I got a letter from Aunt Lena.

I have run out of anything to say. I was shocked to notice that it has been three weeks since I last wrote. There is not a lot happening around here in January.

Write soon.

Love you lots,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, and Steven

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