Monday, 27 January 1986

Dear Mom and Dad,

I was saddened by the death of George. I can understand that this is a great loss to you both. I know that you had become much closer to him and Mary since we came to Naples.

It is difficult for me to accept that it takes so long for news to reach us here. We are so looking forward to returning to the States. We are getting more and more fed up with Navy medicine, too.

I am very curious to know what Dixie put in the paper about us. I got a letter from Thelma Norvell of Seattle, a sister to Irene Wilson, saying she found my address in the Boone County Headlight.

It has really turned cold here. It rains nearly every night. It is in the 30's. The sun has been shining a lot the past two days, but it hasn't helped to warm it up. I mowed the yard yesterday afternoon. I never in my life thought I would ever mow a yard in January.

I was surprised that your phone number changed. Why was that necessary?

Since we are staying here till July, I have planned to take off at the end of April and early May to go to Holland and visit the Krumreis. We couldn't think of a good excuse not to go. I am sure we will enjoy going. Perhaps we can fly free to Frankfort, then take a train up the Rhine.

When I copied programs for Becky, I copied exactly what I had in the first 100 disks of mine. It would have taken hours longer to send her only what I thought she would want. Some of the things I sent were of no use to her right now, but I merely copied things as I came to them. Actually, I copied the King James Bible for her and it wasn't in the first 100, but I knew she wanted it. I told her I will send other programs if she will send more diskettes.

Recently I have gotten "Hot Wheels," "Talking Teacher," and "Charlie Brown's ABC'S." I am certain that Alan and Brian would love these programs. It was only this month that I got "Duck's Ahoy!" on a diskette. I have been looking for it for a year. I am glad we have it on cartridge. The kids enjoyed Venice more because they had played "Duck's Ahoy!" so much. They kept looking for ducks.

Becky mentioned on the phone that they were considering buying a printer called Aprotek. I told her I had never heard of it. I have since read a very impressive ad about it. If it is as good as they claim it is, I might be interested in buying one for myself. Let me know which brand Becky settles for.

We could have stayed up half the night and watched the Super Bowl live. It was not a very good game anyway. Chicago really walked all over New England.

We are expecting to be at war with Libya just any day. Jeannie and I are not too sure what Reagan is trying to prove with two carriers off the Libyan coast. We think he is just daring Khadafy to shoot first so we can wipe out his whole navy and air force.

I invited Richie and Becky to come see us instead of going to Hawaii. I told them it would be cheaper to come here.

Indeed, if you go to work full time like the rest of the world, then you wouldn't be able to maintain your reputation in the jet set. Perhaps you could just work for a semester or two at the community college and see which life is the more rewarding (i.e., travelling or working).

The world is getting pretty disgusting to live in if you cannot discipline your kids the way you feel is best. Keep us informed about Pam.

I will send the slides of Florence sometime when there is something else to send you.

I have everything that is needed to put slides on a VCR. Perhaps when we get back to the States you can learn how to use my video camera and do it yourself.

Angelique's school is not out until mid June.

Angelique has entered an Italian art contest through her school. We are very pleased with her entry. She will be competing with 2nd and 3rd graders though. She is really excited about it anyway. She thinks she will win.

I can't believe you are buying video movies at less than we used to pay for blank tapes.

Steven wearing Michael's cap - Jan 1986 Steven came home with a report card the other day. I thought it was rather ridiculous for a 4-year-old to have a report card. He is doing fine. We know more about what he can do than his teacher does. She doesn't realize he can read many words. We don't think she knows that he knows all the alphabet. Since Faye left, Steven has not performed well for his present teacher. Jeannie and I don't really care much. Steven will be in the same age group next year.

Take care of each other. We look forward to visiting with you in the summer.

Love you lots,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, and Steven

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