5 Aug 1984

Dear Diane,

Yes, your package made it here in time for Angelique's birthday. It came 3 or 4 days before. We all love the red skirt. Angelique was delighted to see how far it would stand out when she twirled. (It reminded me of someone else a few years ago.) Of course, Lem & Ada were a big hit. Laura (or somebody) does a good job of buying for a 5-year-old. Steven likes his punch ball, and the Care Bear books have been read several times already. Michael thought his Executive Red Tape was very much needed at work so it ended up there.

Mother's package hasn't come yet. Neither has the stuffed Tenderheart Bear I ordered from Sears. It's just as well. She had too many for one day anyway. A couple of the neighbors brought gifts over, then seven little gifts at her party, plus our 5, plus several from Freda plus yours. We had her party at 4:00 pm so Steven & one other younger brother of a friend could have a nap first. Of course, Angelique just couldn't take a nap before her party. About half way through the party, I could really tell it. She was dragging, being sweet, but not as lively as usual. You'll probably be able to tell that from the video tape. There were 4 kids that will be in her kindergarten class plus 3 younger kids & her & Steven. I was very surprised that all the mothers came and dropped off their kids! I thought a couple of them would stay.

Angelique's 5th birthday - 2 Aug 1984 Angelique's birthday party - 2 Aug 1984

Fortunately, the one with the youngest 2 kids stayed and helped. I would have been lost without her. Her husband is a doctor at the hospital. We've had swim class together for 2 years and we traveled to London together. Her kids are 3 & 2. Rachel is almost 4. Zachery is a few months younger than Steven. Neither one of them played any of the games. I guess they felt overshadowed by all the 5-year-olds.

6 Aug

Michael says there is suppose to be a miniseries sometime soon called "SPACE." When it airs, would you tape it for us please? Do I owe you any money?

The reunion sounds like it was wonderful. I would like to see Kim Western sometime. I haven't seen her since her wedding.

How are your peaches? Our landlord raises peaches (orchard) so he keeps us well supplied. We just eat them or I'll make a cobbler. It's too hot to stay too long in the kitchen. I have a huge oven and the seal around the door is not good so it really heats up that part of the house when I turn it on. Of course it's nice in the winter time.

It still is cooler here than last summer. I keep thinking it's gonna get unbearable any day now. So far the only uncomfortable place is our car. European cars are rarely air-conditioned - our is no exception. We went to the pool today (6 Aug) and nearly froze (11:00 AM). There is such a pleasant breeze - pleasant unless you're in the cool water. But it was nice for our picnic later. I'm sure it will be hot after our swim classes are over next week. The pool will stay open until September, though.

Are you working on your passports? Ask other people about recommendations for travel agents. Some of them know more about Europe than others. I'll discuss that with you in October.

Steven can't wait until October for his birthday and then getting on a big airplane again. See you soon!



Mother's package came today. She sent a darling ruffly dress. I really like it. Hopefully, Angelique will like it more the next time I put it on her. She wasn't in a real cooperative mood at the time I put it on her. Mother sent several other things, too, including a billfold for Steven. He'll probably want to sleep with it tonight.

I'm glad our announcement of our trip didn't change your trip plans. I didn't think you would change your mind, but I feel better hearing it from you.

I'm eager to see your "less conservative" house. Is Laura picking out all her things?

I don't know what to suggest about Laura's hair. Does the detangler spray not help? I believe you can use it on dry hair, too, can't you? I'm surprised she doesn't want short hair. Isn't that more the style now? But I can understand her desire for long hair.

Michael wrote the Davidsons before we decided definitely to come to the States. He wrote & asked if they were going to the same conference. That was several weeks ago. We haven't heard from them. I guess I'll have to write them again. If you see them, tell them I want to know if they'll be in Searcy or Kansas City that week.



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