13 Aug 1984
Monday Afternoon

Dear Mom & Dad,

Your birthday package for Angelique came last week. We absolutely adore the ruffly blue dress. It was a big hit Sunday at church. I was afraid I would have to send it back when I saw it was a size 4, but I tried it on her and it fits just fine. She may can wear it next Spring even.

She has about half of the Care Bear coloring book colored already. The little blue gown is getting a lot of wear, also. Steven likes his Care Bear and billfold. I thought he was going to sleep with his billfold, but he decided at the last minute to sleep with his Care Bear instead.

Friday night Angelique spent the night with Carrie Morandville. She just turned 5, too. She and another friend, Nicole, all had a slumber party for Carrie's birthday. That was Angelique's first time to spend the night with a friend. She did just fine. Now she's wanting to do that next year for her party.

Saturday we went to the beach. We couldn't go swimming because the water was too polluted that day. So we just played in the sand for a couple of hours. The kids really enjoyed that.

Thursday was a wild day. It was our first rainy day of the summer. We went to a rescheduled swim class which ended up not meeting because of thunder, so it was re-rescheduled. I went ahead and took the kids on to the Base to do a little shopping. It was just a nice gentle shower then. After shopping we had lunch on the Base. When we came out it was pouring, so we decided to do some more shopping. We came out later and it had slacked up some, so we decided to go on home.

About one third of the way home, the clouds just opened up and poured. Most of the smaller cars were pulling over on the side of the road. I decided to go on because Steven was really needing his nap. I got all the way to our exit off of the Tangenziale when my car flooded out. We sat there on the exit ramp a couple of minutes. Then some Italians stopped and offered to push me. They pushed me all the way to the top of the hill near our house (about 1 mile). Then I just coasted on home.

I wrapped the kids in their beach towels and ran them into the house. We were so glad to be home safe and sound and dry. There was a lot of flash flooding that day. They even closed the Base gates later to keep people from trying to get home in all that rain.

Many of the houses, new ones included, leak around the windows and doors in storms like that. Fortunately, ours does not. My neighbor used all of her towels trying to keep her house dry. Still her basement got too wet and they spent all day Sunday cleaning up that mess.

This weekend Michael and I are leaving the kids with Faye Sigle for two nights while we go spend the weekend at Sorrento for our 9th anniversary. Both of the kids are excited about that. They think they are part of the Sigle family. Angelique always asks to sit with Faye at church. Faye will be Steven's teacher at Paddington this year. She'll be a good first teacher for him. The Sigles have two boys, ages 7 and 9, that also enjoy our kids. Our kids may be thoroughly spoiled by the time we come back for them.

14 Aug
Tues Afternoon

I got your letter yesterday. I was sorry to hear about Aunt Wilda. That's kinda shocking news. Have you heard any more?

Yes, I had planned on the McDonald's party on Sunday, October 7. I thought maybe Laura could be there then. I need to contact the Davidsons to see if they will be in town and, if so, what time they could be there for the party. I thought we could do it sometime around supper time, but I don't know what time their church meets or gets out. Their two children and Laura and our two plus any other cousins who can make it should be fine. It may be a small party children-wise, but there'll be enough adults to make up the difference. I did think the price included hamburgers and drinks for the kids, but I guess that's too much for just $15.00. I guess that's ordered separately.

When will you be in your new house? Aren't they giving you any idea? By October, I hope.

I don't know when you'll see Michael unless he's already at Harrison, which he should be, when you take us up there. (He says he will.) Yes, we're all flying out from Little Rock on the 20th, Saturday. We'll spend Friday night, the 19th at Diane's. You could spend the night at Billy and Freda's the Saturday you take us up there and then leave Sunday and go by Springdale or just take a leisurely drive home. The fall colors should be nice by then.

We got the video with the new Johns boys. We enjoyed it. Justin does look tiny. I still haven't gotten any thing for him yet. Jeremy seemed content. Where was Laura? Golfing? Christian and Brandon really put on a show. Christian really is pretty. Steven and Brandon look somewhat alike. We didn't see much of Cheryl. Is she doing okay? Brenda seemed more chipper this time. Come to think of it, we didn't see much of Papaw either -- except him napping.



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