4 Aug 1984

Dear Mom & Dad,

We survived a 5 year old birthday. I had my doubts at one point. Actually, it all went rather smoothly. We had a party at 4:00 with 4 kids that will be in kindergarten with Angelique plus 3 other younger kids & Steven for a total of 9 kids. One of the mothers of the younger kids stayed and helped. Michael was around, but he was busy with the video & camera, so he wasn't much help.

I was rather surprised that all the other mothers came and just dropped off their kids. The parties we went to last year, everyone stayed. I guess kindergarten is the cut off age for having to have your mother stay with you -- only I didn't know that. Fortunately, the older kids did fine. The younger ones didn't want to play the games, but that was okay.

Angelique enjoyed it all, but she was very tired by the end of it all. You'll probably be able to tell that when you see the video. She just couldn't take a nap that afternoon before the party.

Your package hasn't gotten here yet. Our mail system has been having problems lately, but it should get here eventually. I had ordered her a Care Bear from Sears, but it didn't get here in time either. Don't worry; she got plenty -- too much as it was. Neighbors brought gifts, all the kids at the party, our 5 little gifts, Freda sent her several & Diane sent a couple. Diane sent the cutest little red skirt with a bib. Angelique loved the circle skirt on it. I think Diane said Laura picked it out.

I'm glad the reunion went well. I haven't seen so many of those people in so long. I didn't even know Ray's Brenda and M L's Lisa were married. I didn't know Crowley's College rented out their facilities like that. I guess that made it real easy -- especially the meals. Did you have to bring your own sheets and towels, etc.?

How's the house coming? When do you move in? How much more do they lack having it finished? Will it be finished before October? I hope so.

I asked Steven what he was going to do with his Papaw. He said he was going to ride a black and white pony. I have no idea where he got that idea. I told him maybe he could find some horses to look at. He wants to see tractors, too, he said. He has a book about Farmer John's Farm. He may be getting his ideas from that.

Steven has his 3rd 2-year molar coming in now. He sure is slobbering a lot with this one.

Angelique says she doesn't feel any older or look any older or taller now that she is 5. She is a little more eager to do things by herself since her birthday.

There's not much new here. It is getting hotter now, but not unbearable yet. We have a nice breeze today so we don't need the fans. I'm sure we'll make up for that in a couple of weeks. It still has not rained. It's been a couple of months now since it has rained. I turn the hose on full under our lemon trees for about 20 minutes each about every 2 or 3 days. I hope that's enough.

drawing by Steven - 4 Aug 1984

We're mailing a video tape to Diane tomorrow. Be expecting a call.

Not much else new here.



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