Sat., 4 Aug 84

Dear Mom & Dad,

How are you? I hope you aren't killing yourselves with your building.

The weather here is still dry. However, today seems to be the worst to tolerate we have had. It has only been in the 80's, but it is terribly sticky (humid).

I slept most of the day, because I was up most of last night. I covered the ER plus delivered 2 babies. I also worked last Friday night as well. However, last week I got 8 hours sleep while there. Last night made up for it. I think I only slept about 2 hours.

You sound like Diane Woolly with all your garden stuff having to be taken care of. Too much, too fast.

Jeannie's parents are still not in their house. They are getting a little stir crazy. Apparently, it won't be too much longer, though. They are getting their mail now at their house. Their address is Route 4 Box 404J, Searcy, AR 72143.

We would love to get National Geographic.

Jeannie says she will carry her jeans back in October. Will she be able to exchange them then?

Your questions about me getting promoted and not paid are interesting, but can't be answered very simply. The Army & Air Force do it differently. It can take up to 18 months before the Navy pays me in the higher grade. I will not get back pay.

The screens are still working fine & we had plenty of hooks. Thank you. The hook to Angelique's balcony door is too high for the kids to reach. However, the one in the dining room is low for the kids. Steven has to practice locking & unlocking it several times a day. We still haven't convinced him not to lock Angelique outside.

A book on house repairs & building would be helpful around here.

Our kids know nothing about He-Man or A-Team.

How are your pickles?

I am enclosing another video tape. I hope it isn't too boring. The kids are still growing.

Angelique's 5th birthday cake - 2 Aug 1984 You will see that Angelique's birthday party was a big success. Both kids were crazy about the Care Bears. Angelique was wiped out by the end of the day.

We were very surprised that all the mothers didn't stay. I guess Angelique has reached the age of parties without mothers. The one mother who stayed is Sandy Sharpe. (She is the one we flew with us to London.)

Carrying the video camera around really wears me out.

There is little else I can think of right now. So, I am going to bed. I'll finish this later.

Sun. 5 Aug 84

Hi, again!

We are excited about going to Arkansas. We can all hardly wait. Can you call TWA's toll free number and confirm our flights? On 6 Oct we are flying TWA 845 from Rome to St. Louis. I am going then to Kansas City on TWA 323. Jeannie & the kids are flying to Little Rock on TWA 207. Then on 20 Oct, we are flying Little Rock to St. Louis, to JFK, to Rome, on flights TWA 232, 844, & 840.

Commodore 64 As I said, we have a Commodore 64 computer. It is mainly on the shelf & is next to worthless until I get a disk drive and a printer. I need a Commodore 1541 disk drive and a Gemini 10X printer, neither of which can I get here. I will probably order them before long. The kids love the computer as it is. They think it is neat to write on the TV. I recently ordered 3 games from Sears. They will really enjoy them, especially when one of them talks. One is PAC-MAN. They love the PAC-MAN cartoons; I guess they will like the game.

I recently read about a computer game called "Ducks Ahoy" by Hakansson that is supposed to be super for preschoolers. It looks just like a cartoon. Will you see if you can find it in cartridge form? Be sure it is for the Commodore 64. (I know this is asking you to look into something you don't know the least about.)

I am especially excited about using my computer to store my genealogy. I have written several companies asking about their genealogy programs. Only a computer can figure out the jig saw puzzle that my records are in.

I will probably start writing you letters with the computer. It is a lot faster to use than a typewriter. My handwriting is getting worse every year.

I am going to have to build some type of desk to hold my computer equipment. We are also debating about what kind of TV [monitor] to get. I want a battery-operated one (AC-DC), but Jeannie wants a color one.

There is a Commodore users club here. Everyone shares programs, like videos. (There is also a similar club in Harrison. I have the name & phone number of the leader.)

Jeannie is less excited about the computer. She thinks it is just an expensive toy. However, she agrees the kids need the exposure to it.

There was another big wreck in front of our house yesterday. This time it involved one of the official Navy vehicles. The Americans weren't hurt. All the Italians went to the hospital.

John Sigle just came by to borrow some video tapes.

About 1 1/2 weeks ago we had a mystery occur in the house. Surprisingly, it still isn't solved. To start at the beginning: One morning when I got out of the shower, I found Steven sitting at the table eating breakfast. Angelique had fixed him some cereal (first time). Jeannie was still asleep. After I went to work, Steven told Jeannie several times during the morning that he "didn't want a spanking" & he was on his best behavior. Later that day, Jeannie found a chip on the floor from one of her Corelle saucers. That is where the mystery began. Neither child knew anything or remembered anything. It was funny to listen to them both play dumb. Jeannie & I finally figured out that Steven probably got into the cabinet as he had seen Angelique doing when she got his breakfast. He dropped the saucer & broke it. Angelique helped clean it up. All 4 of us looked for the rest of the plate for about an hour. We still haven't found it & both kids still have "amnesia" (I guess). Any ideas where to look?

What is Louis Hefley planning to do now?

Faye also got Angelique a Care Bear for her birthday. Faye & John got it in Germany recently. Now Angelique has 3. She really enjoys the Care Bear car you sent, also.

Jeannie ordered a big, stuffed Care Bear from Sears about 2 months ago for Angelique's birthday. It still hasn't come. It really didn't matter. As you can see from the video tape, she got plenty. Also, Jeannie's mother sent a package that still hasn't arrived. She sent it 3 or 4 weeks ago. The mail has gotten slow again.

I can think of nothing else, except both the kids were sick for 1 1/2 days last week. All they had was a fever, no other symptoms. Just as Angelique got over it, Steven got it. They were both well last Sunday afternoon & went to Faye's house while Jeannie & I made video movies. John & Faye brought them home about 5 pm, then stayed for supper.

Hurry & write. I feel forgotten between letters.

Lots of love,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, & Steven

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