Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Summer Days

    The poet has said, "What is so rare as a day in June." I, for one, have enjoyed these beautiful summer days. We are having plenty of rain and gardens are looking great.
    My grandfather always said that a dry June was a good crop year. It gave the farmers a chance to get their crops cultivated. Corn is not grown like in the long ago. Now one can drive for miles and not see a corn field.
    Back then it did not cost so much to make a crop and the farmer did not need much money for expenses. He raised most of his living. There was always plenty of milk, fresh eggs, meat and, in the summer, a variety of fruits and vegetables. It took work to grow these things, but the entire family worked for the benefit of all the members.
    Changes come and progress moves us along. They say we have better schools today, but nevertheless we had people who were well educated in those days, too. I suppose we all like to remember the times gone by. Our lives were interesting and we had much to look forward to.
    Along about this time of year we were expecting to attend the 4th of July celebration which was held in our court park. An old-fashioned swing powered by a mule was lots of fun and one could get a long ride for a nickel. The band would play most of the day and orators would speak. It stirred our patriotism and made us proud to be Americans, though I must admit we children were guilty of not listening too closely to the speakers; we had too much to do and see!
    There were lemonade stands to visit and at noon there would be dinner spread on the ground. There were no cars then. Folks had to travel in wagons, buggies and hacks. It was a slow way to get places and no one got in a hurry.
    Now folks go to the lakes or other places to find their own amusement on the 4th. Often the reason for the holiday and the history behind it is forgotten.
    Well, June will soon be gone now. Time seems to go too fast. As my mother used to say at evening, "We are one day nearer eternity." And how true it is.
    My hollyhocks are blooming and look so lovely. My little home is aptly named "Hollyhock Hill."
    Now all of you have a happy 4th of July and keep smiling. To quote Wallace Bruce in The Beauties of Friendship, "No life is so strong and complete but it yearns for the smile of a friend."

Mellie Smith

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