Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Remembering Fall

    Fall of the year is approaching, with many activities taking place. Our own Boone County Fair is always an exciting event which we all enjoy.
    Soon we will see the "Flaming Fall Revue," the forests and mountains with leaves of every color. I have seen the mountains when they looked like huge flower beds. Yes, fall is a beautiful time of the year.
    I recall days of yore when it was a busy time gathering corn and other crops for the winter. Neighbors met and helped get the winter's supply of wood together. I remember sorghum-making time, and later, when the weather turned colder, "hog-killing" time. Young folks of today miss that excitement.
    Last, but not least, I remember our school days. Our working together was most enjoyable. The spelling bees, our once-a-month "speaking" when we would memorize a poem. The Friday afternoon would be spent in reciting those poems or perhaps it would be a "reading," as it is called today. The poems were inspiring and I love poetry now. It still inspires me.
    Sometimes there is a longing for a return of those days. But time marches on and changes come. We must go along and hope for the best in everything.
    I read a little essay on "Yesterday" which said, "I am one of the leaves of a growing book. There are many pages before me. Someday you shall turn us all over and read us and know what you are. I depart from you, yet I am ever with you."
    I was saddened to read of Whitey's passing. He was such a wonderful poet and a fine person. We will all miss him.

Mellie Smith

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