Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Prison Reform

Editor Times:
    In our opinion the Board of Corrections did a notable deed when they dismissed Thomas Murton from the office of prison superintendent.
    However, we can say to Murton's credit that he started a prison reform that was commendable to the state. For too long our state has been subject to bad publicity on account of conditions at the prison.
    The men are human beings and are entitled to sane treatment. Murton received much criticism for his adverse publicity of our state. Sometimes this kind of publicity will wake people to the realization of the conditions that exist in any state.
    The consensus was, if Murton was seeking fame for his own personal reasons, he made a mistake which caused his downfall in rank.
    Some people are prone to let things be status quo. Let us all wake up and get behind our governor and help make our state one of the best in the U.S.A. One official, without the support of its people, cannot make progress. Arkansas is a wonderful state in which to live.


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