Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
Copyright © 2001, Michael S. Cole, M.D.

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    Our summer has seemed short. Some days were rather hot and humid, but this was typical summer weather.
    At this time, fall is in the air. Some folks like autumn best. I like springtime best of all. It renews our outlook on life.
    In autumn, though, the flowers seem more beautiful. My grandmother would say that the fall of the year made her sad, because of the leaves and vegetation dying and the dreary days of rain, wind and stormy weather.
    One old hillbilly remarked, "Ef twaren't for the weather, most folks woon't know how to start a conversation. Besides, all months got weather from one end to th' tother."
    In the spring, there are crocus footprints in the snow. We see tulips in the sun. Edgar Guest wrote one of my favorite poems about tulips. We also have lilacs, roses, iris and many more. It is a lovely time.
    Autumn has its loveliness, too, I must admit. The flaming fall revue of our beautiful Ozarks, the goldenrod, wild asters and wild sunflowers are beginning to bloom.
    The seasons come and go and the year makes a turning. We take the weather as it comes as not one of us can do anything about it!
    The seasons each write a book, I do believe. ... Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter ... and Autumn turns the leaves.

Mellie Smith
September 1968

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