Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
Copyright © 2001, Michael S. Cole, M.D.

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Dogwood Winter

    April, the capricious one of the months, will soon be gone.
    This must be dogwood winter, according to the "old timers." And we are due blackberry winter yet.
    Peepers are heard now at the ponds. Birds are singing. I don't see too many birds around Hollyhock Hill, though I have made some houses from gourds for their nests. Already they are being investigated. Sparrows are apt to take over, though.
    I love the little wrens. They seem to say when they sing, "I'm building me a sweet little nest!"
    My flowers are a riot of color. Bridal wreath of white, the bright yellow of the forsythia, flowering almond in beautiful pink, red japonica and tulips of many colors.
    Iris are beginning to bloom, and I will have many beautiful hollyhocks. My place is aptly named "Hollyhock Hill."
    Bonnie Lela, your article on "Joyful Sound" was very interesting and made me remember when we attended the Carroll County Singing Convention at Green Forest, Arkansas, last Sunday.
    Many beautiful songs were rendered by group singing, solo and quartets. It was indeed a joyful sound.
    As to hearing one singing at his work, it is indeed a rare thing in this day and age. Seems problems and tensions of this life crowd the songs out. I usually whistle when I'm working, as I grew up with people who sang or whistled as they did their work.
    I can remember my father on arising in the mornings, singing as he went about his chores. The "Unclouded Day" was his favorite song. He would also sing "Sweeping Through the Gates." When I was a child, I would imagine taking a broom and sweeping through the gates. As I'm older, I meditate on how we must keep the gates of our souls swept clean.
    I remember my mother's songs. She was a very happy person and taught me many songs ... "The Wildwood Flower," "After the Ball," "The Baggage Coach Ahead," "Swanee River," and "Old Black Joe," among many others.
    She also sang many religious songs. The songs, "Oh, Sister, Will You Meet Me?" and "I Am Bound For the Promised Land," were also favorites at our house.
    Oh, to relive those happy carefree days! When our family gathered around an organ and lifted our voices in song ... we were a happy family!
    Let us all say good-bye to April and look forward to May, with a song in our hearts!

Mellie Peery

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