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Confidence In People

Editor Times:
    The letter, "searching for honesty" in Monday's Times, must have been written by some person using an assumed or fictitious name.
    I just wonder if the letter is deserving of an answer. The person must have had something terrible to happen to them, who would write such a letter and to have such an opinion of people.
    Are they really searching for honesty? Or do they just have a pet peeve to get off their chest?
    Utopia they may not find but honesty can be found, and if one is not too self-centered and will be observant, that one can find honest people in all walks of life, and in many places, times and things. Search the communities and you'll find people who are mindful of others' needs and happiness, sincere and friendly. Go to church and you'll find good, honest folks.
    Search the schools. You'll find men and women dedicated and are teaching the principles of good living and noble things of life. Look at the fine young men and women who are leaving these schools, qualified to find their places in the world, making the world a better place in which to live.
    I can truthfully say that most parents are teaching their children honesty and the better things of life. This world is not "dog-eat-dog." It's the outlook of a pessimistic attitude. One cannot pass judgment on the majority by the actions of a few. We just hope the next letter this person writes will be more optimistic.

Mellie Peery
January 20, 1966

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