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Blame For Riots

Editor Times:
    Replying to the comment sent in by a Times reader, we would like to add our two cents worth regarding the deplorable riot which happened at Rockaway Beach last week. It is regretted that such "goings on" happen in our Ozarks. It gives the Ozarks a "black eye."
    However, our comment is: Would name calling help such as your Times reader did? Let's stop and ponder who all could be to blame for these riots. Could not the adults who sell this liquor to these young people? Could it not be parents who are too lenient with their children, parents who do not teach their children respect for their elders? What can one expect of some of these young folks when these freedom marchers are allowed, adults both black and white and so-called "preachers" who take part, when the example is put before youngsters?
    And does it not happen many times when a young person makes a mistake, we are too prone to give him a kick instead of a helping hand? And what can be expected when liquor is served in many homes and religious training neglected?
    Broken homes, all these are contributing factors in the behavior of young people.
    I agree with the Drury senior from Springfield who said that Dr. Rhonda Lorand, a New York psychotherapist, said that persons rioting last week was because they felt inadequate to enter the adult world. The doctor was just trying to make an adult excuse for what the younger generation is doing.
    As one lady aptly put it, they should have had more "Hickory juice" applied where it would have done the most good.

Mellie Peery

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