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Recalls Early School

Editor Headlight:
    The pupils of the old Walnut Grove school who attended in 1910 and 1911 might be interested to know that Clarence McGinns, who was a pupil then, is now in Long Beach, Calif. He is a school teacher. His name was mentioned in the paper among those who attended the Arkansas picnic, held a few weeks ago in California. The McGinns were former residents of Walnut Grove community.
    In this Rock Springs community is an old landmark, the old school house where at one time it was a one-teacher school. Some forty pupils attended. This writer's first school teacher was George Engels who taught two terms. Next came Miss Mattie Hudgins with two terms. Others followed. To name a few, Rufus Fillingham, Peel Wilburn, Grover Nance, Walter Harris, Berry Bruton, Zera Holder, Carrie Huffman, Charles Hunt, Lem Sharp and others. Then the school was consolidated with Ridgeway. Just three or four of the teachers are living now.
    The old school mates are scattered in many states. Some have passed on. This old building is fast going to decay. Yet it stands as a sentinel for through its doors, boys and girls were taught through the eight grades by one teacher. There we were taught the principles of Democracy and cooperation which has enriched the lives of those who attended the old school at Rock Springs.

Mellie Peery

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