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New Road

Rock Springs News
    A group of interested persons met last Saturday at the Charles Wilson home to discuss the building of a new road, as the Rock Springs road will be a dead end when the new [airport] runway gets under construction. It was agreed to start from the John Rex [Wilson] place, go south to the Guinn farm, then east, and from there the exact route is not planned as yet. The new road is necessary as it will be a mail and [school] bus route and a much traveled one. Nevertheless, it is hoped the new road, regardless of where it's built, will be satisfactory to everyone.
    Gone is an old familiar sight along the Rock Springs road. An old hedge fence which almost surrounded the old Hines Jones farm of 120 acres and planted there some 75 or more years ago. The airport construction company has bulldozed it away. It was the only hedge fence in the county or anywhere in the country as far as we know.
    The origin of the hedge or Bois'darc is very interesting. It is native of Arkansas. Some Frenchmen found it here and gave it the name of Bois'darc. Indians used it to make bows. It is a valuable wood and is a hard yellow. It's also used to make aniline dye. It is grown now over the U.S.
    The passing of these landmarks reminds those, who remember, of the earliest settlers of this community. To name a few: Pat Mitchell, Hines Jones, Newt Jones, Heaton, Payne, Raynor, Mysinger, Hawkins, Forney, Tye, Rush, Boone Brown, Denning, McCormack and others. Some of their descendants live here, others are scattered in many states. A history of these early settlers, their habits and struggles and pioneer spirit would be interesting reading today.
    John Wilson is doing some remodeling on his house.
    Jay Smith is moving his house to adjoining the Charles Wilson place, as the airport will take the present location.
    Mr. and Mrs. David Clemence have moved from the Baughman rent house to North Cherry Street in Harrison.
    The George Wilsons of Valley View visited George's mother, Mellie, and Ralph Peery a while last Sunday and later attended the singing at the Full Gospel church at Batavia.
    Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hunt were dinner guests of Mrs. Hunt's sister, Thelma and J. C. McFerrin, at Harrison last Sunday.

Mellie Peery
December 15, 1966

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