Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Our Beautiful Ozarks

    We of these Ozarks hills think of this as a place where the sun shines brighter, the breezes are gentler, the birds sing sweeter and the flowers are fairer.
    Someone has said that when God made Heaven, he dropped a bit of it, and I personally believe it made these beautiful Ozarks!
    Every part of our Ozarks is individual and distinctive. The fertile fields, plentiful fruit trees and waterways have each contributed bountifully.
    And what could be more beautiful than the Flaming Fall Revue? No artist can paint the many and varied colors that are to be seen at this time. Words can hardly describe them!
    And come Spring, renewed life gives one a spiritual lift so refreshing and beautiful. The forests, so lovely with their dogwood, redbud, wild azaleas and many kinds of wild flowers, are so peaceful. To walk through them makes one feel closer to God.
    Gardening time ... to plant the tiny seeds, watching them grow does something to the heart of one.
    And then summertime. Taking vacations ... some go to other places, not realizing what beautiful scenery can be found near home.
    Then the harvest time rolls around ... reaping what one has sown, aware that our God has provided the rain and sunshine so that we can reap.
    Thanksgiving, made joyous with loved ones gathering around a bountiful table, spread with good things. Indian summer, and the mountains blue with a smoky haze.
    Winter brings Christmas, a happy time of giving and receiving.
    So the year turns and the seasons come and go.
    I'm told ... Winter, Spring, and Summer write a book ... and Autumn turns the pages.

Mellie Peery
October 20, 1966

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