Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Remember When?

    Recently a poem by Fred Schnickle appeared in the "Over The Ozarks" column. "Remember When" brought memories of bygone days to me. I remember all those things he mentioned. "Cat ball" at school ... we had two batters, two catchers and, I believe, fielders. When recess came, some would yell, "Me, first batter!" and "Me, second." We played baseball and town ball.
    And do you remember playing "ante-over"? We would choose sides and throw a ball over a building and when one caught the ball, they would see how many they could hit on that side.
    Other games we played were "wolf over the river," "sheepie," and "hide and seek." We had one teacher, who taught through the eighth grade, and some 40 pupils attended. We all had "book learning" and had to know a grade thoroughly before we could be promoted. That required home study ... and by a kerosene lamp, too. Sometimes now, I wonder how we ever saw anything by those coal oil lamps!
    Do you remember the old-time revivals? One was held each year after the crops were "laid by." The preacher would stay at the homes of various church members, and his preachin' pay would probably be in produce or a ham or two. Money was not very plentiful in those days.
    Do you recollect the "amen corner"? The older men would assemble at the service, all in a corner, and holler "AMEN!" when the preacher would make a point. Yes, those were the happy, carefree days of yesteryears.
    Most of those old people have gone to their reward. Times are not like they used to be. We are told not to live in the past, but one cannot forget happy memories.
    Today we have all the [conveniences and comforts of modern times.] I wonder if people are as happy as "remember when?"

Mellie Peery
September 14, 1965

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