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Defending Welfare

Editor Times:
    In Monday's Times the letter signed by a reader was very well written. However, I don't think he or she understands all they are talking about. I, for one, am not on the welfare rolls. We have a county supervisor and I believe he gives a careful, efficient investigation of each person who applies for aid, and I believe most are deserving.
    Many through no fault of their own would much rather earn their own livelihood. Many have labored in the past to make this a better place for us to live. Many have sons and daughters who would help but times being what they are have all they can do to support their own families.
    I know of good people who seem humbled to have to depend on welfare. Nevertheless, the federal and state governments have provided this program for these old folks, not for ease and comfort, as some would think. They have obligations and bills, too. Many have drug and doctor bills to pay. And speaking of fine cars being seen [parked] at the surplus commodities distribution center, could not some of these "fine" cars belong to someone who was kind enough to get these supplies for persons not able to go nor have transportation?
    I'm sure these old folks receiving welfare checks could not afford to own a fine car.
    Let's give the benefit of the doubt where it belongs and not be too critical unless we are sure of what we are talking about and be tolerant and kind.
    Someday circumstances might be that the ones who criticize this program would be glad to use it.

Mellie Peery
March 19, 1965

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