Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
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Sorghum Time

    It's sorghum-making time here in the Ozarks. We saw an old-fashioned mill near here the other day. A horse was pulling the presser, and the man was using wood for fuel to cook the juice. Many modern mills use gas.
    We wandered again down memory's lane when we school children would stop on the way home from school to lick molasses foam, cutting a piece of cane to use for a spoon. Now, children are not stopping; for a fast moving school bus carries them past the mill.
    We visited a fine old couple the other day, Mr. and Mrs. Wilson. Mr. Wilson was born in England 84 years ago. He came to Arkansas in 1882.
    Mr. Wilson freighted, with a wagon and four-horse team between Eureka Springs and Harrison from 1882 to 1896; and the history he gives of this period is remarkable and interesting, and of state importance. It is a romantic history of 50 years of wonderful development and spirit of a proud pioneer people.
    The Wilsons have a Seth Thomas clock that was purchased 43 years ago and is still tick-tocking away. It has not been moved from it place on the old-fashioned "secretary" for 40 years. Mrs. Wilson has many antiques that are very interesting and characteristic of those gone-by days, and she can tell a wonderful story of each one. She has 2 old albums full of interesting photos, and many of them tintypes.
    I am sure life would be more interesting and exciting to all of us if we would visit our old folks and listen to their wonderful stories and experiences of their lives and the history of the long-ago customs.

Mellie Cole
September 1948

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