Grandma Mellie's Scrapbook
Copyright © 2001, Michael S. Cole, M.D.

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Grandma's House

    I am one who certainly enjoys the articles in the "Waste Basket." All are worth saving in a scrapbook for future generations to read.
    I went to my grandmother's old homeplace yesterday. Sitting by the old house site, I recalled my childhood days spent at grandma's.
    There was a mulberry tree in the backyard. We children would climb the tree and eat the berries. Now folks won't eat them--they say mulberries have bugs in them! But we didn't know nor care. They were delicious.
    In the summer we would take our knives to the old Indian peach tree. How good those peaches were!
    We would look forward each year to the coming of the thresher. Preparations would begin days before. Twelve or 15 pies would be baked, a ham cooked, a bushel of beans picked, and made ready to cook. And such good biscuits as grandmother would bake. We children would have to wait (for the second table) and she would give us biscuits at the door.
    We had grand times at her house. If we got unruly, we would be sent to the tobacco patch to worm the tobacco and, oh, how frightened we would get at those big green worms with horns.
    My grandmother had many pretty flowers and, though it has been 40 years ago, many of these flowers are there today. They included roses, japonica, rose of Sharon, iris, and many others.
    I am sure those who were fortunate enough to live close to their grandparents have fond recollections of being in their home.

Mellie Cole
June 1948

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