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December 1986

We are amazed at how different each year has been. This year was another fun-filled, but challenging, experience. Since we desire to know what you have been up to, we are making another attempt to let you know what we have been doing.

In the springtime we were fortunate to see the windmills and tulips of Holland. We enjoyed a wonderful visit with our missionary friends there. We took our first, long train trip across Europe, stopping in Switzerland a few days.

We moved to Memphis in August. It is truly a blessing to be back in America, closer to family and friends. After seeing a different way of life we really appreciate our country in a way we could not understand before. While there is much we miss about Europe, we are thankful to be back. We do find it hard to speak English when we go to an Italian restaurant, though.

Michael is kept busy with his duties at the Naval Hospital in Millington, Tennessee. He is eagerly awaiting the end of his military obligation in less than four months. At that time he will go into practice with another Christian family physician. We are really excited.

Jeannie continues to be a full time homemaker and busy mother. She recently completed a course on interior design. Weekly she attends a ladies' class at church. She has made many new friends while being in a bowling league with other mothers who are more interested in socializing than in becoming good bowlers.

Angelique (7) is in the second grade at Harding Academy in Raleigh. She enjoys school very much. With gymnastic lessons twice a week, we see her walking on her hands nearly as much as on her feet. She was really excited this month about being chosen to participate in a TV commercial about drug abuse for the National Crime Prevention Council.

Steven (5) had chicken pox earlier in the year and then shared it with his sister. He is in preschool three half-days per week. He says he can't wait till next year when he can go to school every day. Steven also takes gymnastics. He is turning into quite a perfectionist.

We will be moving to Fort Smith, Arkansas, in April, where we plan to settle permanently. We would love to share our hospitality with you, so come see us.

We hope you have enjoyed our comments. We were not meaning to boast. We merely wanted to share with you some of the ways we have been blessed by God in 1986.

May you be blessed with adventure and happiness in 1987. Let us all do everything to the glory of God.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Michael, Jeannie, Angelique, and Steven

Steven and Angelique - Christmas 1986

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