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30 Sep 1986

Dear John,

I have found a Christian physician who lives in Roland, OK, who is eager for a partner. He is the only doctor in this small town which is only four miles from Fort Smith. Jeannie and I are going to look at his practice in about two weeks. His name is Jerry Russell. He finished his residency in Fort Smith a year before me. He uses the hospitals in Fort Smith. We would surely live in Fort Smith. I am 99% sure this is what we will do!

Jerry is a strong member of the church. He preaches occasionally and teaches Sunday school. He goes to church in Roland, but we will probably go to our old congregation in Fort Smith. Jerry is also interested in short trips to the mission field. I am really excited about the possibilities of working with him. He has UpReach in his waiting room.

This is a strange way to start a letter. Actually, this is only the second time I have had the computer on since we got here. Our T.V. is in the shop. I have been using my monitor to watch cable TV. I am about to go crazy without my computer. I am amazed that I still know how to use it. I even remembered how to use EasyScript.

I cannot believe that I don't have to save this letter every few minutes. The electricity has not even blinked since we have been here.

I am still having problems remembering that the second floor of the hospital is only one floor up. I still expect to be able to sit down and watch the "Today Show" when I get home in the afternoon. We miss full service gas stations and cheap car washes. I still don't trust stop signs and traffic lights. I continue to be amazed at the conveniences and speed of getting things done. Anything we could possibly want we can find here in Memphis. Jeannie ordered two bookcases today from an office supply. They said they would deliver them in only two days!

Angelique is doing much better in school. She seems to be enjoying it so much and is much more confident with her school work. She is actually trying to get A's.

Steven is out-growing all his clothes. Tonight at supper he said he better not eat very much because his boots don't fit any more. We tried to explain to him that he will just keep growing. He is really excited about his birthday coming up on Friday.

Jeannie is in a bowling league on Thursday afternoons with other women from church. It is only for fun and fellowship. From what I hear, no one can bowl.

I am working too many hours here. The hospital work is very demanding of my time and energy. One of our doctors is out on a ship. When he comes back in a couple of months everything should get easier.

Jeannie is just returning from an interior design class that she takes on Tuesday nights. So, I guess I better close for now.

God bless you. Let us hear from you.

Your brother,


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