July 1986


Angelique - Jul 1986
Angelique made this outfit all by herself out of tissue paper.
sleeping Angelique - 15 Jul 1986
The first time Angelique fell asleep reading, 15 July 1986. This was our "loaner" furniture.

Saturday, 19 July 1986


Serapide - 19 Jul 1986
This ancient ruin, called the Tempio di Serapide ("Temple of Serapis," patron god of traders), was actually a marketplace near the port of Pozzuoli. The many earthquakes in Pozzuoli had caused the land to rise higher above sea level, so that there was considerably less water here than when we first saw it in 1983.

Isola d'Ischia

Ischia - 19 Jul 1986 Ischia - 19 Jul 1986
Just 3 days before Jeannie returned to the States, she and Michael rode the ferry from Pozzuoli to Ischia, the largest island in the Bay of Naples.

July 1986

Lago Patria

sunset - Jul 1986
The sun setting over the lake, as seen from the balcony of our villa,
is a fitting end to the three years we lived at Lago Patria.

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