Mon. Night
14 July 86

Dear Mom & Dad,

Didn't you say you could use a bright bedspread for the kid's room and a yellow one for the guest room? Well, here they are. I hope they are appropriate. Can we trade these for room and board off and on during July & August?

I know this isn't the kind of bag you had in mind. But I thought it might be good for carrying things back & forth to work or something.

I have to go to Memphis on the 8th of August to pick up Michael. We will spend that night in Searcy and then go on to Harrison.

I also have to take Angelique to Memphis shortly after we get there to register her for Harding Academy. She also has to take a test. I may have to make a couple of trips till I find a house for us. I dread all that driving. I'll get to know the road between Searcy & Memphis really well - even before we live there.

Is the McDonald's birthday party still on? Angelique is looking forward to it.

Gotta go.



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