Wed Afternoon
2 Apr 1986

Dear Diane,

It was a real treat for us to get to talk to everyone a couple of Sundays ago. You caught me off guard and I couldn't think of anything much to say. I thought of lots afterwards.

How is Melissa? Are you still sore? How is the rest of the family adjusting? Are you enjoying your time as a "non-working mother"? Have you felt like getting out yet?

Give Melissa a hug for us all. Steven and Angelique are very eager to play with their newest cousin as well as their all time favorite cousin.

We still don't have a definite date of return yet. If it turns out to be late August, the kids and I will probably come back earlier. We are not expecting any earlier than the last of July. That means time for at least one swim session here and good ol' "Festa Americana."

We have ordered a red Chrysler LeBaron to be waiting on us in North Little Rock when we return. The Navy Exchange has a few car representatives here. We have been guaranteed that we will save between $1000-$2000 by ordering through this service provided for overseas military personnel only. We are saving still more by having it delivered to Arkansas instead of Tennessee. Tennessee has a 7% sales tax on cars as opposed to Arkansas 5%. We don't have the dealer's name in North Little Rock yet, but are expecting it soon. If I have to come back earlier than Michael, can my good brother-in-law go with me to pick up my car? Why do car dealers hesitate to deal with women? It will be nice to have transportation waiting on us when we get there. We will probably fly into Little Rock.

The church came to our house Easter Sunday for lunch and an Easter Egg Hunt. They came about 12:30 pm and stayed until 8:30 pm. It was a long, but fun day.

Mon, 7 Apr

Here are a few more things I picked up here and there. The lap pads I found in the bottom of Steven's drawer. The socks, booties and diaper shirt are from the Italian markets. I couldn't pass up the little red shirt. "Amore mio" you may can figure out means "Love me." I was surprised it doesn't fasten in the back. I suppose a snap or two will do it. I hope it fits. It is 30% linen, 70% cotton.

I picked up a couple pairs of shoes today at Shoe Alley for 3000 a pair. That's about $2.00 now. Not bad, huh!

President Ganus and the board of directors from Harding will be in Sorrento for a few days next week. Michael & I are suppose to give them a tour of Pompei on Wednesday.

After getting this box together I wish I had thought to find something for Laura. Would you ask her if there is anything she would like us to bring her when we return? That offer goes for you, too.

Michael is sending you a copy of his "Aid To Bible Study" diskette. It is copyrighted, but is meant to be copied. If you know of anyone at Pleasant Valley church who has a Commodore feel free to copy this for them.

I've got to get this ready to mail tomorrow. Write when you can.



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