Thursday, 27 March 1986

Dear Mom and Dad,

I hope you have received my last letter before you get this. I have not gotten a letter from you, but have plenty to say. Besides, I am supposed to take a test tomorrow, and I need a good excuse not to study.

I did get the Bible programs copyrighted. The application forms came about two weeks ago. It only cost $10 to copyright them. Actually, by the present law the programs were the same as copyrighted when I completed them. It is not necessary to register with the Library of Congress. It is advantageous to do it, though.

I finally have orders to leave this place. We do not know yet just exactly when we will get back. It will be no later than 31 August. It could be as early as mid-July.

I finished figuring my income tax this week. The computer actually did most of it. I get back $46 from federal and have to pay $46 to Arkansas. Ridiculous, huh?

On Monday last week, Angelique decided she didn't feel like going to Brownies. She had an ear infection, but was getting much better. Anyway, she was walking home down the 4-laner from Parco Mazzola (where she went to kindergarten). Dora Sullivan (the mother of the other girl in the Girl Scouts picture) just happened to notice her and picked her up about three blocks from Brownies and brought her home. Everyone has just been shocked that Angelique thought she was big enough to walk home by herself and along such a busy street. It doesn't surprise me. I am sure she will never do such a thing again. (She is terrified of big dogs; we reminded her that we often see big dogs along the road.) I think she wasn't playing with a full deck that day. She was given a bath and put in her pajamas as soon as she got home. I told her if she were going to say she was so sick, she would be treated like it.

Angelique sold 63 boxes of Girl Scout cookies.

Last Tuesday night Jeannie and I went to the movie "King Solomon's Mine." Friday night we went to an opera. It was much better than the previous opera we had seen. Also, the seats were very good. We then went to the restaurant "Umberto's" with most of the group that was in Jeannie's class. We had tried to go to this place over a year ago when it was closed. It is supposed to be the best restaurant in Naples. I was pleased that the prices were not as high as their reputation. Several people sang; some of them were the customers.

Angelique showed me her math homework today when I got home. She is doing two column addition with carry. Jeannie and I were quite impressed that she is learning this in the first grade.

Jeannie's sister, Diane, had her baby last week. It is just fine. She had a C-section. Bill called us about 5 in the morning. I don't remember which day it was. They also called last Sunday night while I wasn't home. They had been trying to have another baby for about 8 years. She got pregnant while she was over here visiting us. People here say this is a fertile land in the shadow of Vesuvius.

Sunday morning (when I had to work) a visitor came to church who works with two of the members (Jefferson and Espiritu). On Tuesday they baptized him. His name is Louis White. I had nothing to do with this one. Vernon Weathers came over Tuesday night to tell us. He was baptized in the Weathers's bathtub. Louie and Pennie are studying with his wife this week. She was at church on Sunday, but no one had studied with her. Louis White was in a big hurry to be baptized and time did not permit any study with his wife. I have not met them yet. It is always exciting when this sort of thing happens here.

Today I ordered a car for Jeannie. We will pick it up in Little Rock as soon as we get back. It will be shipped to there directly from the factory. It was quite difficult picking out what we wanted since we cannot test drive or even SEE any to choose from. Living over here we have no idea what kind of car we wanted. We ordered it through overseas military car sales. They guaranteed that we could not get it cheaper anywhere else. We are told we are saving $1500 to $2000 by buying it this way. I hope so. I plan to register it in Jeannie's name. It is a red, 1986 Chrysler LeBaron. Is this a good car? (Does anyone sell Dodge cars in Harrison? I am interested in just what this same car would cost in the States.)

We are having everyone from church here this Sunday for lunch and Easter egg hunt. It will be a very busy weekend. I have ER duty Saturday night. This is the night we go to daylight savings time. Monday starts a week of Spring break for Angelique. Jeannie wants to go to shoe alley Monday to find the kids a pair of shoes. I am off that day and will go along.

We are really excited about getting back to the States. Jeannie may return in July if I have to stay till August. Please be patient. We will see you soon.

Lots of love,


P.S. (28 March) I have been taking the ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) course this week. I passed, missing only 3 questions on the test. I don't like taking tests. I had hoped I wouldn't have any more tests after I finished medical school.

Have you seen Halley's Comet? I got up early this morning, but couldn't see it.

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