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Dear family and friends,

We are approaching our third Christmas in Italy. We anticipate spending the next one in the States. Though we have had enjoyable experiences here, we are eager to return to America by July '86. We have enjoyed visits here from friends and family, but we would like to have more visitors in Memphis where we hope to be stationed next.

It has been a big year for travelling. Since our newsletter last Christmas, Jeannie went on two week-long bus tours that were exclusively for shopping in Germany and northern Italy. We drove to Paris in the Spring, seeing many interesting things in northern Italy, Switzerland, and France. We visited many fascinating people and places in Scotland while Michael had a short tour of duty there. Our 10th anniversary was spent in Rome. When this letter arrives we should be on a trip to Salzburg, Munich, and Venice, which will include a religious retreat in West Germany with Christians from around Europe.

Last winter was especially cold, particularly so when the law only permits the heater on 8 hours a day. It was often in the 40's in our house in the morning. It even snowed here in sunny Naples. Of course, the kids loved it. Most Neapolitans had never driven in snow. Add that to the usual (or unusual) driving code here and you have quite a mess.

We have been very busy with the church, especially since our missionary returned to the States after 11 years here. Two people have been baptized this year in our bathtub. Michael baptized one (who was too big for the tub) in the sea. We often have church in our home on Sunday nights.

Jeannie took Greek cooking lessons from a Greek-American neighbor. She is presently taking voice lessons from an opera singer. Again this year, she has taught a weekly ladies' Bible class at our house. She is active in two civic clubs.

Michael is working at a busy Family Practice clinic which is open till 8 PM. He preaches at church every few weeks. Most of his spare time is spent playing with the kids and working (playing) on the computer. (We would appreciate hearing from anyone with a Commodore 64.) He continues to enjoy genealogy, having recently found one line (CARROLL) back to A.D. 1014.

Angelique is convinced she can draw and paint as well as the experts after seeing the modern art in Paris. She learned to dive into the deep end this summer in swim class. Angelique finished kindergarten at the top of her class and is now busy with the 1st grade. She has been selected for the Talented and Gifted program at school. She enjoys her weekly Brownie meetings as well.

Steven goes to preschool three mornings a week two blocks from our house. He is all boy, getting into typical mischief for a four-year-old. He enjoys playing and eating (especially Italian foods). He is learning to read a little. We think he is exceptionally creative when it comes to story telling. His specialty is "The Three Bears."

We still miss many things about America, especially our friends and relatives. Though this printed letter seems a little impersonal, please know that we appreciate each of you who are reading it. We hope we will see you in the coming year. Have a happy holiday season!

Buon Natale (Merry Christmas),

Michael, Jeannie, Angelique, and Steven

Steven and Angelique - Christmas 1985

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