Tuesday Nite
10 April 1984

Dear Diane,

This will be just a short note to let you know that we will be in Athens, April 21-28. I thought I should let you know in case Brenda delivers during this time and someone tries to call us - we won't be home. However we might have a friend come and housesit so don't call unless you need to leave a message for some reason. Of course we will accept all calls before and after this time period.

We're flying to Athens to a Church of Christ lectureship. We'll go to lectures and on tours. Classes for children plus babysitters are provided. Steven is so excited about flying on an airplane again. He probably doesn't have much memory of all the airplanes we were on last year at this time.

Angelique is disappointed about missing Easter here. I think she's just about had her fill of ancient ruins. I'm ready to see the Parthenon & Acropolis. We'll also take a day trip to Corinth. We'll be there a couple of extra days beyond the lectureship so we should get in some serious shopping, too.

I've started my Gateway To Italian II course, so I'm running myself ragged again going to classes 2 hours each day + 2 kids + church work + keeping up with neighbors - forget the housework. It definitely comes last. It's funny how more people come in and out of this house when it's at its worst. Gateway II is gonna be a lot more work - more homework & more tests. Fortunately, it only lasts 4 weeks. But it is fun & I am learning how much I don't know.

I haven't heard from you lately. Are you running in 90 different directions, too? Have you got your passports?

I feel so fortunate to have gotten a College Town ensemble today at the Exchange. They so rarely get something decent in. I got a jacket ($48.00), blouse ($20.00), pants ($24.00), & skirt ($24.00) that will be great for traveling - I hope. Are those prices comparable to Stateside prices? I can't even remember.

Michael built screens for our windows! Now all he has to do is figure out what to do about the French doors in dining room & Angelique's room. No more insects! ?



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