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This 270-page book of genealogy and history was researched and compiled by Michael S. Cole, M.D. It was published in 1979 with 200 hardcover copies which were sold out for $20 each to cousins and libraries by 1983.

In 2021 it has been made available online in PDF format {108 megabytes}.

With 2-sided printing, a copy can be created that is identical to the original, except for a very few minor corrections. Too much new information came to light since writing the book to attempt to make an updated edition.

The book traces the SULLINS family back to Josiah SULLINS, who is believed to have immigrated to Virginia from Great Britain about 1750 with his father and two brothers. The HANKINS lineage goes back to James HANKINS, who was born in Virginia in 1752 and died in Tennessee in the 1840s. These two families came together in Jackson County, Arkansas, where Sarah Araminta HANKINS married Solomon David SULLINS in 1869. Among the related families covered are WITT, HARBOUR, EAVES, CARPENTER, TALLANT, LINDSEY, BROCK, QUALLS/QUARLES, and PACE. Many wills, deeds, and other documents are reproduced and the book is well documented.

For all the genealogical data in the book, along with many additional genealogical discoveries about the SULLENS and SULLINS clan, check out the family tree, Sullens/Sullins GEDCOM of Michael Cole - 28 Apr 2007, at It includes most of the known descendants of immigrant Richard SULLINS, who died about 1771 in Halifax County, Virginia.

Link to: Synopsis of SULLENS/SULLINS Genealogy

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