7410 Oxford Place, Fort Smith, AR 72903
December 1992

Dear loved ones,

Though many who receive this letter have not heard from us in quite some time, please remember that we have not forgotten you. We enjoy hearing from you even if it is only a card at Christmas.

Our family enjoyed a week in July at Disney World, though Michael mostly sat through medical lectures at the hotel.

Michael and Jeannie spent a week in June doing medical mission work in Guyana, South America, working with a group of 27 from West-Ark church of Christ in Fort Smith. In October Michael and Jeannie spent a week teaching the Bible on Christmas Island in the Pacific where they conducted a medical mission. The visit to Hawaii on the return trip was especially fun. They were featured on a local cable show on two occasions as they discussed these trips.

Jeannie works with the elementary and junior high PTAs this Fall and does volunteer work at the schools. She was happy to turn over the PTA president responsibilities in the Spring. She directed VBS at church in July. She continues to teach and lecture in ladies' Bible classes. She sings with Fort Smith Chorale.

Michael and his partner sold the Roland Family Medical Clinic to Fort Smith's Holt-Krock Clinic. He gets to concentrate more on the practice of medicine in Roland as he no longer must deal with so many administrative headaches. Michael serves as director of medical missions at church. He finally acquired an IBM-compatible computer (486) for genealogy and other home uses.

Angelique has turned 13. She is happy to be a teenager, though her parents are still trying to adjust. We were very excited that she got to take the ACT (college entrance exam) last Spring. We were very pleased with her score. Her most fun of the year was two weeks of church camp and one week choir camp.

Steven is now 11 years old. He spent his first week at church camp while his parents were in South America. He is our chief lawn mower now. He played baseball in the Summer. He enjoys video games, especially his Game Boy. He now is the sole user of our original Commodore 64 computer.

The Lord continues to bless us in countless ways. It is our hope and prayer that you experience an abundance of God's blessings in your life in 1993.

Merry Christmas,

Michael, Jeannie,
Angelique, & Steven

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